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Our specialized areas are within company law, construction law, real estate, contracts and litigation. We also help with advice on inheritance and wills, divorce, marriages and proxies, neighbor disputes, treatment of estates and land registration.

If you want to buy a home, we review all the documents in the trade and handle your interests from start to finish.

We put an emphasis on being professional and efficient. We take great pride in offering that, in an unpretentious and comfortable atmosphere.

The law is a complex issue. Therefore, it is our most important task to break down the complexities for everyone who is in need of our skills and competencies. We always adapt our counselling and assistance, to the extent and complexity of each individual case. This ensures that you do not receive unnecessary advice or pay for unnecessary services. We ensure to have the financial side in focus, so you feel comfortable in that respect too.

Criminal law
En forsvarsadvokat kan hjælpe dig, hvis du er mistænkt eller sigtet for en forbrydelse.
Forbrydelsen kan have mere eller mindre alvorlig karakter – alt fra fartovertrædelser til narkotika. Uanset hvilken forbrydelse du er sigtet for, er det altid vigtigt at få talt med en forsvarsadvokat.
Du har ingen pligt til at udtale dig til politiet – udover oplysning om navn og adresse – og du har ret til at have din forsvarsadvokat med, når du skal afhøres.
Wills and testaments
There are many questions floating around whether you are considering making a will, pre-nuptial agreement or if you need an overview of inheritance law. We have many years of experience in consulting within these areas and therefore, we know which questions often need to be answered.
Buying Property
A home is not defined by bricks or mortar. A good property buy is defined by how secure the process has been, from beginning to end. We carry the keys for a professional property purchase. You will receive consultation regarding the matter at hand, from multiple perspectives, which will provide you with a solid overview - with your interests at the core.
Litigation and mediation
There are many ways out of a conflict. One of which, is where two parties go to court, to find a way forward. BREMER Advokater represents a large number of private and business clients in court proceedings.
Business Advisor
Business owners and entrepreneurs are driven by their passion for their subject area.
We see, keeping your spirits high, as our most important priority, while at the same time, creating a solid business foundation that creates development potential.

Divorce and division of property
Divorce can have a monumental impact. Not only for the family itself but it raises questions regarding housing, finance… The entire process is made harder if you don’t have the proper advice available at hand. We see you as a human being, in the situation you are in and advise you from a legal, but also human perspective.
Debt collection
If you, as a creditor, have monetary claims against one or more debtors, then at Bremer Advokater, we can assist you with debt collection. With many years of experience in debt collection cases, primarily concerning the purchase and leasing of cars in both Denmark and abroad, we can begin the reminder procedure and advise you if your payment demands are contested.

We are with you
all the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or wish to discuss a case. You can get in touch with us, by phone or digitally by filling out the form here on the page.