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Wills and testaments

We always focus on the familial relationships and the financial conditions of the situation, when preparing documents within private law matters. From there, we prepare the document which takes into account, the specific circumstances of the situation and our client’s wishes. We send a draft version for our clients’ approval and here enable possible further discussions with us. Once the document has been finalised and agreed upon, it can be signed and registered. We always recommend that you seek professional advice in these matters, this way, you rest assured that you will be in the best position in the future.

We will always endeavour to hold a meeting with our clients in our office, regardless of the type of case at hand.

Real estate joint ownership agreements

When you own a real estate with your cohabiting partner or your spouse, or you are buying an apartment or house, we always recommend that you consider the need to make a written agreement on the property.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Spouses may, upon the creation of a pre-nuptial agreement, stipulate that certain assets, such as real estate or a specific sum of money, must be the person's separate property share.


In a will, you will be able to decide how your legacy will be distributed amongst your children and relatives. Inheritance law states that these are your ‘legal heirs’ and will automatically inherit your estate from you.

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