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Divorce and division of property

Over the years, BREMER Advokater has helped and advised many people in divorce, separation and settlement cases. We know it’s a big decision to, essentially, split your lives up and it has personal and emotional challenges to it. Therefore, we consider it a very important task to make the process as simple, understandable and action-oriented as possible for you.
The necessity that you have to consider a number of legal and practical aspects, is unavoidable.

We have an in-depth understanding of the complex situation of divorce, it branches into many places. Therefore, you can trust that you have a sparring partner in us and will be guided well throughout the course of your divorce.

Spousal support

If one earns considerably more than the other, one of you may be entitled to alimony.

Compensation Requirement

If your former spouse has abused your shared wealth, then you are able to get compensation for said abuse.

Pre-nuptial agreements

For example, have you established a pre-nuptial agreement with separate property shares? This means that certain assets will not be shared.

Real estate

If you have bought property together, you must decide whether it should be distributed or sold.

Distribution or sale of securities

In the case that you jointly own bonds, then you will need to decide whether they should be shared between you or sold.


Should there be a valuation of the company and who will continue operating the company in question?

Your pension funds

If you have saved up for your pensions throughout the marriage, you have to decide whether to split the funds equally or partly.

Sharing wealth or separate property shares

Which assets should each of you get in the divorce? You will need to decide for yourselves if you wish to split it equally.

The shared residency

You have to make the choice of whether or not to sell the house or the apartment, or whether one of you will continue living at the rental apartment.

Splitting money in the bank

During a divorce, some tough decisions need to be made, and one of them is who is entitled to what amount of money in the bank.

Distribution of contents in the home

Between you, you have to decide who gets the sofa and who should have the chair from your previous shared home.

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