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Business Advisor

We have broad experience with general business consulting, and we have clients, who come to us for advice on legal issues and challenges daily. We spar with business owners regularly, providing realistic and competent responses to financial and business matters, that can benefit or damage the development of your business.

You can expect a business advisor, that has more than a lawyer’s directory; you get a human being who can understand the structure, foundation and development potential of your company. We are proud to be able to deliver because we experience great professional joy by also using the law, to develop companies and create new growth.

We can do this, as we have a business understanding that goes beyond legal matters.

Establishing a business

When setting up a business, it is important that the foundation is solid.

Purchase or sale of a business

If you want to sell your business or buy yourself into an existing company, we assist with advice and negotiation, so that you have the necessary understanding of what you are buying.

Company contracts

As a business owner, you enter into many contracts, for example, leases, staff, trading conditions and the like. We have extensive experience with the different types of contracts that one usually has to deal with.

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