Bremer Advokater

With BREMER Advokater,
each case is unique

Because of this, our clients' situation determines how we advise and how we provide legal assistance. We emphasize cooperation, dialogue and an informal approach.

With us, you are not simply a case or a file number, but a person. We are not just lawyers - we are your sparring partner.

Wills and testaments
There are many questions floating around whether you are considering making a will, pre-nuptial agreement or if you need an overview of inheritance law. We have many years of experience in consulting within these areas and therefore, we know which questions often need to be answered.
Buying Property
A home is not defined by bricks or mortar. A good property buy is defined by how secure the process has been, from beginning to end. We carry the keys for a professional property purchase. You will receive consultation regarding the matter at hand, from multiple perspectives, which will provide you with a solid overview - with your interests at the core.
Fences Act
It is so exhausting to end up in a conflict with a neighbour. It can have personal consequences that benefit no one. Therefore, we set sail to turn the situation into one that can benefit both parties.
Litigation and mediation
There are many ways out of a conflict. One of which, is where two parties go to court, to find a way forward. BREMER Advokater represents a large number of private and business clients in court proceedings.
Business Advisor
Business owners and entrepreneurs are driven by their passion for their subject area. We see, keeping your spirits high, as our most important priority, while at the same time, creating a solid business foundation that creates development potential.
Divorce and division of property
Divorce can have a monumental impact. Not only for the family itself but it raises questions regarding housing, finance… The entire process is made harder if you don’t have the proper advice available at hand. We see you as a human being, in the situation you are in and advise you from a legal, but also human perspective.
Equine law
The trade in horses is an area that often involves both large amounts of money and strong emotions. For this reason, both parties also have a natural interest in ensuring that the sale does not end in a purchase dispute.
Debt collection
If you, as a creditor, have monetary claims against one or more debtors, then at Bremer Advokater, we can assist you with debt collection. With many years of experience in debt collection cases, primarily concerning the purchase and leasing of cars in both Denmark and abroad, we can begin the reminder procedure and advise you if your payment demands are contested.

What our clients

There is no doubt that when you choose to enter into marriage and start a family, you never hope for a divorce and the many consequences that this entails. Bremer’s lawyers have professionalism I have rarely experienced. They managed to solve all the practicalities and challenges that came up, both thoroughly and quickly, and with energy where I was kept informed and assured that I understood the process. This lifted a huge pressure from my shoulders and assured that I could focus on everything else, knowing that with "my" lawyer on the case, there was being fought for a fair solution for both parties.


Divorce and division of property

I have used Bremer Lawyers in several different contexts and have been fully satisfied. My lawyer has always explained the cases, so I have a generally good view of the proceedings. Even as completely uninhabited in law. Moreover, my lawyer has had to act where it was necessary for me as a client to be in the best possible position. I highly recommend Bremer Lawyers.


Trail, corporate law and commercial lease law

Bremer’s lawyers were recommended to us by a trusted collaborator. Our collaboration with the lawyers has been rewarding. Over the years we have both received competent legal guidance and been satisfied with the proceedings Bremer's lawyers have handled for us.


We are with you
all the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or wish to discuss a case. You can get in touch with us, by phone or digitally by filling out the form here on the page.