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Debt collection

Our experience has shown that many conflicts can be resolved before they turn into lawsuits. This is why we often recommend mediation and conciliation between the creditor and debtor, with the goal of creating a constructive and solution-oriented dialogue. If it proves necessary to apply to initiate legal proceedings with a view to a court case, we will guide you throughout the whole process. The same applies if a debtor’s declaration needs signing or if the case needs to be decided in the bailiff’s court or district courts.

Cases concerning debt collection and the payment of debts can often be a difficult situation for both you and the debtor, which is why we always strive for good ’debt collection practice’. This ensures that the case is handled discretely and with the least possible disruption for all parties involved.

International debt collection

If the creditor and debtor reside in two different countries, the debt collection process is different. We are specialists in handling cases that fall outside EU jurisdiction and can help you, for example, with the translation of your summons and the documents in the case, as well as calculate and form an overview of court fees in different countries.

Reminder procedure

If you have a monetary claim against a debtor, it’s important that you tackle the matter immediately. There are special rules as to when a reminder has legal validity. We can help you with the wording of your reminders and any debt collection notice so that these comply with legal requirements. Depending on the size of your claim, debt collection may be the correct route to take. We are happy to arrange a meeting where we can clarify the size of the case and talk about your needs for legal assistance.

If the debtor contests the claim

The debtor may contest the demand for payment of the debt. If it turns out that the objection has a legal basis, the case cannot be sent for debt collection, but instead requires that proceedings are initiated with a view to a court case. We can help you send the debtor’s declaration to the debtor and the payment demand to the bailiff’s court. Once a judgement has been passed, we will ensure that the debtor is registered in the RKI (Ribers Kredit Information) and the debtor register. We can also assist with the preparation of a payment plan and ensure that the debtor pays their instalments on time.

Limitation on debt

The normal time limit on collecting debts is 3 years, which is why it is important that you act quickly if you can see that a debtor is not paying on time. However, if the monetary claim is acknowledged in writing, for example, via a debtor’s declaration or court judgement, the limitation period is 10 years. As a creditor, you can interrupt the limitation period and start a new period of the same length as the original one. We advise you on the procedure and ensure that no misunderstandings arise around debt requirements and the deadline period.

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