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All lawyers have taken out liability insurance and provided a guarantee in accordance with the Bar Association's rules, at HDI Gerling. The liability insurance covers the exercise of the entire law firm, regardless of where the law firm practices.

Public and insurance covered legal aid and free trial

When a lawyer takes on a task, the extent to which insurance (legal aid) or public legal assistance can be obtained under applicable law, is examined. If fees must be paid provisionally or definitively by the public or insurance company, the client will be informed of the principles for fixing the fee, etc. and regarding the possible consequences for the client. In addition, we always investigate whether there is an opportunity to get a free trial.

When we take on a case, an investigation into whether it can be insurance covered or a free trial always takes place.

Good law practice

All attorneys in Denmark must comply with the Administration of Justice Act's rules on good legal practice. Both clients and any counterparties can appeal to the Board of Laws, which supervise the compliance of Danish lawyers with the legal rules, and which can impose sanctions if our advice and behaviour might give rise to this.

Good law practice is a norm of behaviour, which includes rules on confidentiality and conflicts of interest. All employees of ours, are subject to professional confidentiality, and in addition, we have security procedures for handling all confidential material.

We review all new cases and conduct thorough investigations in order to avoid that there may be a risk of conflict of interest. We consistently evaluate our procedures for continuous improvement.

Further information on the board's work and the legal rules can be found on the law board's website, Here you can also read more about, for example, good law practice and appeals.

Rules against money laundering

According to the Law on Preventive Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, in some cases, lawyers are required to collect and store client identity information.

In addition, lawyers are obliged to investigate transactions if there is a suspicion that they are related to money laundering or terrorist financing. In case of suspicion, lawyers are obliged to inform the Public Prosecutor of Special Economic Crime or the Bar Association.

According to the Preventive Measures Act,  we have internal rules in place that specifically deal with the client ID, reporting, internal control etc.

Applicable law and venue

Our lawyers' services, advice and business terms are subject to Danish law, and any disputes can only be brought before Danish courts.


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