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Property Administration

Punctuality, professionalism and good teamwork are the cornerstones of our approach to property administration are built upon. Our approach to property administration is built upon three cornerstones; punctuality, professionalism and collaboration. We don’t compromise on this. Never have, never will.

We are very serious when we say that property administration is a matter of trust. Therefore, it’s very important for us, to know and understand you beforehand, in order to provide a viable basis for you. From payment of bills, neighbour politics to responsibility for daily operations and bookkeeping; these all deserve equal attention.

There are not two agreements, that are the same. Therefore, we developed an agile business model where we tailor your administration agreement, so you only pay for the services that you receive. We can take on the entire task or simply elements of it, you decide.

Cooperation with professional property maintenance and management

Participation in annual general meetings (AGMs)

Contact to bank

Monitoring of association loans

Advice on construction projects and maintenance

Property maintenance plan cooperation with the association’s advisors

Debt collection


Payment of association’s bills

Cooperation with the board of directors or committee in charge

Continued affiliation of a solicitor to administration

Collection of rent, owner association contributions, etc.

Responsibility for property operation

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Judiciary assistance can’t always be put under one umbrella. Therefore, we also offer a wide range of additional typical legal matters. As we said before, we are your sparring partner; available for the managing committee, association members or the association itself, once the need arises.

Available and cooperative partner

You aren’t simply a number or a file to us. When you call, we answer. Whether it’s big or small challenges- they don’t wait, and we understand that.


That’s why you will get more than just a professional administrator when you choose to work with us. You will get a sparring partner that’s on your side. One who will work, based on our core values and one who strives to satisfy their customer.


We are with you
all the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or wish to discuss a case. You can get in touch with us, by phone or digitally by filling out the form here on the page.