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Ulrik Nørregaard

Ulrik has been practising law since 2011 and works with both business and private law cases.

Within business law, Ulrik has extensive experience with ownership agreements, advising on the right form of business as well as tenant law. In addition, Ulrik also advises companies on staff matters, cooperation agreements, sales and supplier terms, and similar commonly occurring issues.

Ulrik advises companies on business matters and sits on several boards.

Within private law, Ulrik has for many years worked with neighbour disputes, such as property line division, fences, tree shadowing, disagreements about rights of way (easements) and other nuisances. Additionally, Ulrik works with the handling of estates, inheritance, and wills as well as the purchase of real estate and cooperative housing.

Ulrik has extensive experience in litigation and has practised law in the national court.

Since the launch of the digital registration system in 2009, Ulrik has worked with land registration and can assist with all land registration tasks, including the somewhat complicated ones, for example, land registration of easements and land registration for owner associations, etc.



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