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Fences Act

Disagreements between neighbours can arise from time to time. Luckily, most often, matters can be solved through good dialogue and mediation.

We use our experience within this area and place a great emphasis on the fact that once the conflict has been resolved, you should be able to live comfortably around your neighbours, while the legal matters are in order.

If the conflict has ended and what’s left is just to simply bring it to the court or to Hegnssynet, we will assist with the handling of the case and the legalities. We always ensure, that all the necessary steps are taken and we provide further professional legal assistance in all appeal cases.

Fences Act

If you are struggling to agree with your neighbour, regarding the fence between your properties, then the Fences Act can be used to quench any disputes. The law applies to most landowners in Denmark, with the exception of the Copenhagen Municipality.

Right of way and easement

Other neighbourly can conflicts arise, for example, when the neighbour trespasses on your property. Building lines and height rules can also be reasons for conflict. There are a number of provisions that can limit your right, to decide for yourself, how high you can to build on your property.

Winning a claim

the number of years it has been occurring is important for whether they can win the claim. If it has been going on for so many years, that an established right has arisen, the assessment may be that your neighbour can continue with his behaviour.

It IS complicated - but we can simplify it

We have far-reaching experience in these types of cases. Throughout many years, we have helped with reviews and interpretations of easements. We have assessed claims, negotiated with the counterparty and exercised conflict resolution for both parties. Once it has proved necessary, we have conducted a lawsuit and managed the process from there.

We simplify the entire process for you and provide you with a clear strategy, for how to turn the complex into something easy to grasp. You will not be left with questions, but with a number of concrete options for action, that pave the way for a course that can provide peace of mind over the situation and an amicable neighbourhood. In the end, that is, what is most crucial.

The cases will often be covered by the legal aid insurance, which is examined as part of the initial work.

When it’s just not working out

Sometimes, it just not possible to reach an agreement and this is often because assistance was brought in too late. If you are currently struggling with a neighbour conflict that is hard to handle, don’t hesitate to contact us. Rather one time too many, than one time too less. It’s important that you get competent advice before it gets out of hand.


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