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Equine law

Unfortunately, however, all too many horse sales culminate in costly and drawn-out lawsuits, often because the horse turns out to have significant issues that were not discovered or disclosed at the time of purchase. Disputes such as these are generally resolved at hearings in the ordinary courts or arbitral tribunals and often end with the parties reaching an amicable settlement.

Regardless of whether you are a professional or a private horse dealer and regardless of whether you are involved in a national or international sale, we can assist you with both the sale itself and with any subsequent lawsuit, should this become a reality. With our practical know-how and professional specialist experience, we can quickly spot any potential pitfalls in the contract. We also know how lawsuits in this particular area are conducted and can walk you through the process.

If a lawsuit is unavoidable, we can assist either the buyer or the seller from start to finish. We always strive to find a reasonable and amicable settlement of the case – not only because equine legal cases can be lengthy, costly and drawn-out processes, but also out of consideration for the fact that the case involves a living creature.

Equine law

In some ways, the horse trade is similar to the used car trade. The horse is purchased in good faith and on the assumption that it can live up to the buyer’s expectations and is otherwise healthy. Once the deal has been entered into, however, it often turns out that the horse does not quite live up to the buyer’s expectations, and may even be encumbered with hidden defects and shortcomings. So, what do you do then?

Sale contract

As with any other goods, a sale contract should be drawn up for the sale of a horse. The buyer and the seller can mutually agree on a price, delivery and other relevant terms. A comprehensive sale contract can prevent many problems, should the deal end in a dispute. You should also remember to fill out a ‘buyer/seller declaration’, which includes the horse’s health records provided by the seller and the buyer has the opportunity to add any remarks about the horse’s behaviour, rideability etc.

Trade study

In connection with the sale, we always encourage the buyer to have the horse examined by a qualified veterinarian specialising in equine medicine to ensure that it does not have any defects and can be used for the purpose for which it has been purchased. In this regard, you should always get a standard clinical examination performed (PPE or pre-purchase examination), on top of which you may also choose to have X-rays of the horse taken. X-ray images are often well worth paying for if you are dealing in expensive horses. The result of the trade study is crucial in ascertaining whether you, as the buyer, wish to complete the purchase. If you have purchased a horse that later proves to have significant defects, you must be able to prove that the defect already existed at the time of purchase. This is why it is so important to have the horse thoroughly examined in connection with the sale.


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