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Buying Property

For many, buying a property is a large and important decision. For others, it is a process that is well-known. No matter what, each case is handled with the same expertise and professionalism. We will assist you in every step of the way, ensuring that all documents and legal matters are fully in order, meaning every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed.

We also offer services regarding specific areas within property buying. Your needs define our tasks and the legal assistance we provide you with.

Preparation of the completion statement

One of the final steps when buying property is the completion statement. We prepare this document and in cooperation with the real estate agent, negotiate in place for you and the seller.

Release of purchase price

Once you have taken over your property and all the conditions for the purchase fulfilled, we release the purchase price to the seller.

Correspondence with the real estate agent and bank

Throughout the process of the property buying process, we take on the correspondence between the real estate agent and your bank.

Registration of Deeds

We take care of the preparation and registration of the deed. It is the document and proof that you own your new property.

Insurance and loan advice

When buying real estate, various insurances, e.g. home and property insurance, must often be taken out. We advise you on this so that you are best protected if damage to your property occurs in the future.

Review of the buying agreement

We review the buying agreement and all other documents in the sale, ensuring that everything is as it should be so that you don’t discover any unpleasant surprises later.

Our process is tailor-made to your case

The case usually begins after you have found the property and agreed on a price with the seller. You should provide the real estate agent with our information. REMEMBER TO GET A ATTORNEY REVIEW CLAUSE STATED IN THE BUYING AGREEMENT.

We can also advise on price negotiations, preparing you for the process before you have found the dream home – it is never too early to contact us.

Before we start the case, you will receive a letter of agreement, specifying our assistance, the price of our services and any additional expenses.

When the buying agreement is signed, the real estate agent sends all information to us, after which we review. Then we hold a meeting where we go through the sale and clarify any queries.

If there is lacking information or a few terms that will need to be renegotiated, we secure a attorney review clause and take responsibility for the dialogue with the real estate agent on this matter

Alongside our review, you will handle your financial conditions with the bank.

When all matters have been determined, we arrange for the registration of the deed, preparation of the completion statement and any additional expeditions, finishing the sale process.

No matter what, we always close the case, the moment you consider buying a new home, to the moment you finally have the keys in your hand.


We are not just a lawyer. We are members of Danish BOLIGA lawyers and with us, it is imperative that you feel in safe hands and therefore we also make a virtue of listening to your needs and desires.

Are you a property seller?

We can also assist if you are selling a property. We can provide the preparation of a buying agreement and the collection of relevant documents that are crucial for the closing of the buying deal.

We place great importance on creating a safe and professional experience for you so that no questions or queries remain.

Buying of project sale and forced sale

With expertise in these areas, we gladly handle any consultation, guidance and relevant judiciary assistance needed in this case.

When you buy property in a project sale, you are purchasing something you cannot ‘test out’ beforehand. Therefore, there are a large number of things that need consideration. Our support provides you with an overview of what you cannot see yet. We ask the right questions, which mean that you know exactly what you are buying and also what you are getting, once your dream home is ready.

When you buy a property through a forced sale, there is an equally long list of areas which need your consideration. We advise you from the very first step so that all the necessary documents are in order and you aren’t left with any questions.

We are with you
all the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or wish to discuss a case. You can get in touch with us, by phone or digitally by filling out the form here on the page.